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Year 3, Term 1 - Thank you, amazing friends!

Thu, Apr 11th, 2024

As we wrap up this busy term, the teachers can't help but feel immensely proud of our Year 3 class. Despite the challenges and demands, they have shown remarkable resilience and dedication to their learning journey. Completing their first NAPLAN assessment was a significant milestone, and we are impressed by their hard work and determination throughout the process.

Moreover, witnessing their growth as learners, individuals, and little humans has been truly heartwarming. From mastering new concepts in the classroom to demonstrating kindness and empathy towards their peers, our students have exemplified what it means to strive for excellence while maintaining a compassionate spirit.

During our first liturgy of Term 3, we were deeply moved by the students' reverence and engagement. Their participation, whether through prayers, readings, or songs, reflected a genuine understanding of the importance of faith and community. Seeing them come together to celebrate and reflect on their spirituality was a testament to their maturity and depth of character.

Welcome back, Year 3! I hope you had a restful break filled with laughter and joy. As we embark on this new term together, I am excited to continue our learning journey. Let's dive into new adventures and explore new and exciting concepts to extend our knowledge.

We would like to welcome Mrs Pearson to St James.  We are very excited to have you as a part of the team, we know you are going to love our amazing year 3 students.

Students will reconnect with their peers and teachers, and maintain a high standard of school attendance.

Monday, Apr 29th First Day of Term 2
Light the Way - 8:45 am
Wednesday, May 1st Stage 2 Specialist classes - Science, Art and Music
Friday, May 3rd St James Feast Day
Please come and join us as we celebrate our 30th birthday!

happy birthday

Chris 19th

Hudson B 23rd

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Mrs Kate Quinton
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