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Wed, Apr 10th, 2024

During Week 11 our students worked incredibly hard on the creation of their own digital text. To support them in this, they were given the opportunity to provide constructive feedback to their peers at various points throughout the week. Peer to peer feedback is essential for students as they mature into assessment-literate learners. 

In Week 1 we will celebrate the Feast Day of St James and 30 years of our school. We wish to invite all past parents, staff and students for a tour of the school at 10:30 on the Friday of Week 1. A Mass will follow this at 11:30 where we view memorabilia from the past 30 years; we would love to see all families there. We will then have a shared lunch with students before finishing the day with a Talent Show and some fun on the inflatables. 

There is a parent update available on Essential Assessment for your viewing if you would like to see how your child performed on two mathematics assessments: length and addition & subtraction. 

Students will reconnect with their peers and teachers, and maintain a high standard of school attendance.  

Monday, Apr 29th First Day of Term 2
Light the Way - 8:45 am
Tuesday, Apr 30th Specialist classes (Science & Technology, Creative Arts).
Wednesday, May 1st Library day
Friday, May 3rd St James Feast Day
Please come and join us as we celebrate our 30th birthday!

happy birthday




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